Your Garden Shop

Project Category: university

University Java web based application uses a Soap webservice implemented in Java.
The application creates a site of a merchant farm that uses the warehouse webservice to expose customers information about available plants. Technologies used: Java EE (Jax-ws, Jsp, Servlet), Jquery, Mysql, Html, Css.


You want to design a web portal for a gardening company that provides visitors with information regarding plants for sale (origin, family, plant description, etc.).
The portal must allow authorized users, such as company employees to access to protected information about a plant (availability, price, delivery time).
The company purchases the plants from an external supplier that in turn owns a web service for communicate information about the plants available to all its customers.
It is therefore necessary to implement this web service and subsequently the portal that uses it for receive information. The webservice technology must be based on the Soap protocol for the exchange of messages.