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Project Category: university

University project that realize a Java web based application and implements an e-learning platform for English grammar, allowing the user to see lessons and practice tests. The application includes an administrator account for manage some database contents like the lessons available.


Technologies used: Java EE(Servlet, Jsp, JavaBean), MVC, Html, Css, Mysql, Git.


Required requirements:

You want to design a web application for proposing a series of lessons to users in advance register and allow them to test the knowledge obtained, after each lesson, with tests including a series of questions.
The first test provided for that lesson includes only one question. If the user answers correctly he is promoted to the lesson and sent back to the next ones, while if he is rejected he can try again with a number of questions equal to the number from the errors made in the previous tests plus one.
The user can try again the test for that topic several times until he is promoted by answering correctly to all the questions or until you accumulate a total of 10 or more errors between the various tests.
In this last case the user is rejected in the lesson and no longer has the possibility to retry the test.
The fundamental points required for the application are:
  Possibility of creating a student account
  Ability to log into the aforementioned account, to which they will be linked:
        -Progress of the course in the form of topics for which the proposed test has been passed
  Possibility of administration through pre-existing admin account. The admin will:
       - Add / edit / delete lessons
       - Add / edit / delete student accounts.
  Possibility of inserting / modifying / deleting lessons for the professor account